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Grain Fumigation

Protect stored grain from pests and disease

Superior silo sealing system
5 guarantee on every seal
Constructed to national standard AS2628

Grain Fumigation

One of the best performing seals in Australia

Fumigating grain is widely recognised as a crucial process to preserving grain quality and integrity. To be truly effective, silos require a robust and gas-tight seal.

Developed in-house, Allied Grain System’s silo sealing system has been independently recognised as being one of the best performing in Australia. In 2015, The Kondinin Group named Allied Grain Systems as one of only two manufacturers in Australia to pass the sealing test on both cone-based and flat bottom silos.

All silos are designed and built to Australian Standard 2628, which requires the silos to be a gas tight, sealable silo suitable for fumigation. Endorsed by the GRDC and the Grain’s Council, silos built to the AS2628 standard are able to hold phosphine gas and other fumigants to kill insects at all life stages.

Allied Grain Systems provides a five-year guarantee on the seals of all silos.

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Are Allied’s sealing systems installed as standard?

Every silo sold by Allied Grain Systems comes with our superior sealing system, manufactured to AS2628 standards. We guarantee silo seals for a five-year period to protect your investment.

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