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Belt Conveyors

Quick and Versatile Grain Loading

Practical and reliable grain transfer
High capacity, low damage, low dust option
Quality range to suit your needs

Belt Conveyors

The quick and versatile grain loading solution

Mobile belt conveyors offer an efficient and reliable way to unload grain into storage facilities. Compared with conventional screw augers, mobile belt conveyors offer softer handling and higher capacities, meaning less damage and quicker unloading.

As the Australian agent for Hutchinson Industries, Allied Grain Systems can provide you with exclusive access to our quality range including:

  • Conventional single belt conveyors
  • Squeeze belt conveyors
  • Drive over belt conveyors

Custom Belt Conveyors

Allied Grain Systems has the experience and expertise to provide a custom-made mobile conveyor system to suit any project, big or small.

To discuss our range of off the shelf or custom mobile belt conveyors, please call Ken Jenner

Talk to Ken (02) 6382 7474

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Which belt conveyor is right for my facility?

Through our relationship with Hutchinson Industries, Allied Grain Systems has access to a great range of mobile belt conveyors. To find out which one will suit your grain handling facility, please contact Ken Jenner on (02) 6382 7474  for an obligation-free discussion.

How long does delivery take?

Generally speaking, we allow between 8-12? weeks for delivery, depending on the model and specifications of the belt conveyor and any additional custom fabrication or alterations required. We will discuss this with you prior to ordering and endeavour to work with your timeline.

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