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Grain Aeration

Improve grain storage conditions

Maintain grain quality and uniformity
Protect storage from pest and disease risks
Maximise ‘no chemical’ marketing opportunities

Grain Aeration

Preserving grain quality

Aerating grain preserves grain quality by creating consistent, optimal conditions in silo bins. As chemical control options become increasingly restricted, more operators are turning to aeration systems to manage pest and disease pressures, as well as preserving grain quality for maximum market value.

Through our relationship with NECO, Allied Grain Systems has exclusive access to the NECO range of aeration floors, designed to be integrated into your silos.

Alternatively, our experienced fabrication team can custom build an aeration system to suit all applications, including new silos and retrofitting.

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What aeration system is right for us?

We can provide a number of solutions depending on your requirements, including off-the-shelf options and custom designed solutions. Contact Ken Jenner for more information, on (02) 5382 7474

Are aeration systems installed as standard?

Allied Grain Systems manages the installation of your aeration floor as required.

What kind support is provided?

As well as helping you to select the right model to suit your specific needs, we can help project manage the design and installation of your aeration system, through to testing, commissioning and certification.

How long does delivery take?

Generally speaking, we allow between 8-12(?) weeks for delivery, depending on the aeration system selected and any additional custom fabrication or alterations required. We will discuss this with you prior to ordering and endeavour to work with your timeline.

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