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Structural Steel Fabrication

Tailor made solutions for commercial grain sites

Experienced design and fabrication service
Customised site-specific solutions
Improve safety and functionality

Structural Steel Fabrication

Quality custom grain solutions

With a demonstrated track record in structural steel fabrication, Allied Grain Systems is adept at building quality custom solutions to make grain storage and handling systems easy and safe to navigate.

Our experienced team of designers and qualified fabricators can develop add-on solutions including silo walkways, staircases and guardrails, specific to your site.

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    Why Choose Allied for Structural Steel Fabrication?

    Allied Grain Systems has a demonstrated track record in structural steel fabrication for a variety of custom made projects,  including large complex commercial applications.

    Where is the steel fabricated?

    Steel fabrication is undertaken in-house at our specialised factory in Young, NSW.

    How can steel fabrication improve my grain silo?

    Steel fabrication enables custom solutions or reliable add-ons.

    For example, silo walkways, staircases and guardrails or any other needs specific to your site.

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