Flat Bottom Grain Silos

The ultimate protection for your grain

Unsurpassed Silo Quality
Superior Protection from Pests and Disease
Sealing System Exceeds Industry Standards

Flat Bottom Grain Silos

Best quality and long term storage of grain

Flat bottom silos provide a cost effective solution for long-term storage, safely protecting your grain for an unlimited period of time, ensuring the best quality for the end user. Allied Grain Systems is the exclusive supplier of MFS, York and Stomor brands, providing you with access to the world’s best silos. Our Australian manufactured flat bottomed silos are built to the highest construction standards, guaranteeing a flexible and reliable asset that will protect your grain and provide an unrivalled return on investment.

  • Silo sizes range from 250T to 20,000T
  • Cone 250T to 3000T

Seal of Approval on all Flat Bottomed Silos

Developed in-house, Allied’s silo sealing system has been proven to be one of the most effective on the Australian market. All silos are designed and built to Australian Standard 2628 (2010), which requires the silos to be a gas tight, sealable silo suitable for fumigation. Endorsed by the GRDC and the Grain’s Council, silos built to the AS 2628 standard are able to hold phosphine gas and other fumigants to kill insects at all life stages.

Top Features


Strength and durability

Heavy duty wall sheets and the heaviest and strongest silo roof on the market

Ease of Use

the 700mm diameter ground-operated roof cap, makes auger placement easier and the sealed fumigation chamber is incorporated into the transition duct after fan, meaning easier application of fumigants from the bottom of the silo

High Capacity Features

Wider system unloaders capable of higher volume unloading

Grain Protection

Our unique T-type aeration system ensures even, low temperatures throughout the silo to prevent the spread of pests and diseases.

Designed and Certified

To comply with applicable Australian structural codes

Quality Brands

MFS and Stomor quality backed brands

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Flat or Cone, which silo is right for our site?

Choosing the right silo depends on a number of factors including the amount of storage required, the length of time grain will be stored for, loading and unloading methods and more. Our experienced team can help to identify the best solution for your needs, within your budget.

Do Flat Bottomed silos come with installation?

Yes, our engineering services include civil, structural, mechanical and electrical services from design through to installation and certification. For more information, please contact John White on (02) 6382 7474

What kind support is provided?

We’re with you all the way. From choosing the right silo to suit your requirements through to engineering works, commissioning, testing and associated certification. Find out more about our engineering services.

How long does delivery take?

The length of time between ordering and receiving your silo depends on a number of factors such as seasonal demands, silo type and any custom features. We generally allow 6-8(?) weeks between ordering and commissioning, however we endeavour to accommodate client’s deadline requirements wherever possible.