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Bucket Elevators

Effectively transfer your grain vertically

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Bucket Elevators

Bucket elevators for effective vertical grain transfer

Bucket elevators offer a simple yet reliable method for moving grain and other bulk materials vertically, or on an incline.

As a proud partner of York Industries, Allied Grain Systems has exclusive access to an innovative range of bucket elevators that are customised to meet your specific requirements.

York’s commercial and industrial ranges include systems to suit grain terminals, feed mills and port facilities, food processing, specialty grains, fertiliser, seed processing and sand and gravel operations.

All systems come with a low impact head to reduce grain damage and ensure proper discharge. As well as plastic and steel buckets, there are a number of options that can be included into the design and construction of a bucket elevator to suit your requirements and maximise system efficiencies.

Allied Grain System’s range of bucket elevators are capable of moving up to 50 tonnes of grain per hour, to a height of 20 metres.


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Which bucket elevator is right for me?

Through our relationship with York Industries, Allied Grain Systems has access to a great range of bucket elevators. To find out which one will suit your circumstances, please contact Ken Jenner on (02) 6382 7474  for an obligation-free discussion.

Do the grain elevators come with installation?

Allied Grain Systems is able to manage the complete installation of your bucket elevator as required.

What kind support is provided?

As well as helping you to select the right model to suit your specific needs, we can help project manage the design and installation of your bucket elevator, through to testing, commissioning and certification. We’ll discuss the options available to you prior to placing your order.

How long does delivery take?

Generally speaking, we allow between 8-12 weeks(?) for delivery, depending on the model and specifications of the bucket elevator and any additional custom fabrication or alterations required. We will discuss this with you prior to ordering and endeavour to work with your timeline.

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