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Luke Felmingham is a grain grower from the Goulburn Valley in Invergordon, Victoria.

There he lives with his wife and daughter, and farms irrigation as well as providing contracting services locally.

Luke’s winter program includes wheat, oats, ryegrass, clovers, and occasionally canola. The summer program includes lucerne and Teff. They also run beef cattle as management after hay and on stubbles. Depending on their rotation crops are either taken through to grain or fodder.

Luke’s property is truly a family business! He works with two full time staff, as well as his father Ken. His partner Amy does the books and mother Faye handles the sales and marketing. In peak season they employ an additional 10 or more casual staff.

What is one thing you are continually striving towards as a grain grower? 

I used to chase big yields with high inputs. Now that I have a bit more experience under my belt I have learned that it’s not always the way for profitability. So now I try to value add to increase returns. Biggest isn’t always best.

What is one thing you love about your job or lifestyle in grain? 

You are in control of your own direction, I don’t think I could work for someone again. Plus you can’t beat bringing up a family in the country.

What one thing you can always rely on/or value about mates in the grain industry?

You don’t find many people that don’t have your back, the community is always willing to give a hand or lend some machinery when yours is out of action!

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